Welcome to our NEW & IMPROVED Website

A long time coming but at last our new website is live 🙂

Dog Poo Wormery DPW – is now 8 years old, some of you may know that Lolie Borgars, took over the Company in October 2015.

We felt it was time for a new improved website as the old one was getting rather dated & far too difficult to update.

So welcome to our super new and improved online shop.

Huge thanks to our IT guru being Pierre Cochart – without whom we would never have been able to do any of this. DPW are extremely grateful for all his hard work, diligence & expertise.

We have on our Facebook page & on YouTube some video’s on how to set up a wormery. We decided to start one from the beginning, so that along with the manual we send out, you can see how things work. There are going to be regular updates of pics & vids so you can see exactly how they work 🙂



As mentioned in all our correspondence, if you have a question, then please do not hesitate in contacting us, so we can help. Generally, we advise via email, as we are out of the office a lot so cannot always answer the phone.

We have also introduced some funky new colours, to our wormery range. Green is still our default colour, however we do now have blueyellow red pink. Pink sadly is more expensive for us to source & convert & only available at this time in the 120 litre range. If you do want a different colour, then be sure to let us know at the point of ordering. However if you have a wheelie bin spare & do not know what do with it, do not forget we do DIY conversion kits 🙂

colour bins

We are to be adding very soon, some new items in our Love4Dogs range & also in our Healthy Dog range. Lolie has lived with dogs all her life & is very passionate on not only their well-being but also the well-being of their & our environment. This is why some 8 years ago Lolie was one of the first in the UK to get a DPW & as she says at all the shows “Loved it so much, she bought the Company” 🙂

We are on this planet for but a short time & we should all try to minimise the damage we do to it, so hundreds of future generations can also enjoy what this beautiful planet & all its diverse nature has to offer.

Dog Poo Wormery – Inspired by Nature – Reducing our Carbon Paw Prints

Doing exactly what it says on the Bin 🙂