Wormery Conversion Kit


* Do you have a spare bin and want to convert it yourself? If so we have the complete kit for you!

* With the DIY kit you can convert a 240 litre wheelie bin (this is the size generally supplied by the council) or the smaller 120 litre wheelie bin!

* The DIY kit gives you everything you need to make your own wormery from an existing Bin.

* All you will need are the tools to safely cut the 4 holes. A pop rivet gun to attach the port hole (or 6 screws to fit) and that’s it!

Please advise within your order which size your require – either 120 or 240

Product Description

      The Kit Consists of:-

  • 1 Porthole – Worm casting extraction port
  • 1 Tap and Nut – for drainage
  • 2 Air Vents – for ventilation of wormery
  • Wire Base Grill – to aid drainage
  • Fine Mesh – to prevent worms from drowning
  • Coir Block – the essential bedding needed for the worms
  • Worm Feed – feed for worms during initial settling in period
  • Worm Voucher – supplying sufficient worms to start your wormery, (usual price £24.49 plus delivery)
  • Instructions and templates for conversions
  • Instruction manual for caring for your worms in your completed wormery – an extremely detailed and comprehensive manual all about worms and wormeries not available anywhere else!

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